just post it

just post it

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as i write this beginning statement for this blog post, i am on the 4th idea of what the blog should be about today... this sort of thing happens often. too often. the easiest way to explain it is, i second guess myself on whether or not the thing that i created will be enjoyed by the masses (if it makes it to the masses)

why i do this to myself, i have no idea. because truly, i am a firm believer in the idea of just putting whatever it is that you make, out into the world and letting the rest take its course. and as i wind down the writing of this post i am considering deleting this and choosing a new topic, but i wont. i am going to leave you with this final thought...

if you thought it, and you took action towards bringing that piece of work to fruition...you need to post it, put it out there for the world to see, because at the end of the day the only thing that is for certain if you decide to not post it, is that you will never know what could have maybe come of that decision to not post it.


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