introduction to my blog, I THINK

introduction to my blog, I THINK

(estimated read time: it took me 50.87 seconds, itll probably take you 42 seconds. thats including the graphic and this estimated read time)

my name is august ollrich. 

im not a writer nor did I do well in any of my english classes, so if its sophistication, or proper writing that you are looking for, this isn't the place.
there will probabbly be typos, and there will probably be lots of things you'll have to reread because the words dont make sense in the order that they are in but I hope you find some purpose or enjoyment in these.

the purpose of these blogs are to express myself as the creative person that i believe that i am and my creative thoughts that come with all of that.
i hold many ideals in my life but the most important one is, "you owe it to yourself to at least try everything you want to try."

hence the creation of this blog, that has no name yet.

these are going to be short and brief posts that you can read, hopefully weekly. hopefully sundays.

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