dip those toes in the creative waters

dip those toes in the creative waters

(estimated read time: it took me 42.73 seconds, itll probably take you 38 seconds, not including this estimated read time)

i am no expert when it comes to these waters, but i would say that i have spent the better half of a decade damn near drowning in these waters, trying to figure out how to navigate them. and i can say for certain that im not even remotely close to figuring them out, and im okay with that.

in fact, im in love with the idea that i will probably never figure them out.

you see, the best part of entering the creative waters, is they are endless, and you are free to create whatever you want, whenever you want.

lastly, i will leave you with this. and this i can tell you from experience.

creativity is relative. and it always will be.

the majority of the people out there wont connect with your work the way you connect with it, but by no means does that mean you need to shift what you are creating to accommodate what they want.

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