that idea you have is a good idea

that idea you have is a good idea

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there is going to come a time in your life, if it hasnt already, where you are going to come up with an idea that sparks something in you that makes you think, this is it, this is the one that im taking all the way to the bank...

itll feel similar to what i assume elon musk felt when his space ship took off and landed by itself.
the only thing standing between you and that spaceship is one thing,
but you wont. you wont try

i say this because it happens to me on a regular basis.
and i can assure you, its not a fun feeling.

also im not here to say, hey ive launched and landed my spaceship you should listen to me!

but i am here to say, ive tried. boy have i tried, A LOT.
and if there is one thing that ive learned from trying, and this part is important,
ive never regretted for a single second simply, trying. the only ideas ive ever regretted are the ones ive never tried

and ill leave you with this. that spark, that spaceship feeling you get right away when you come up with an idea, it slowly goes away with time, so if you dont jump on that ship, 

its leaving baby.

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