youre too far gone to go back

youre too far gone to go back

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i have started many things in my life, and damn near everyone of those things that ive started has either failed or i have put down, ultimately never to picked back up again. it used to bug me, but ive learned to accept myself and my tendencies for what they are, but thats not the main point of this post.

every once in awhile if youre lucky you find something that you seriously love and enjoy doing that you dont want to put it down. ever.

for me that is creating.

to me, creating is broad. creating could be a video, a photo, a blog post, a product and pretty much any original thought that i bring to fruition i consider to be a creation. again, im straying away from the main focus point of this post.

this is the point. the turning point.

well there are two turning points, the first point is that you can start and try anything you want, and there is a period of time where if you decide to just stop doing that thing, its OK to just stop. there isnt any consequences, theres a good chance that no one is going to remember and you can go about your life trying other things.

then there is the second point, the point of being too far gone. you get so involved in what you enjoy doing that the point of turning back, putting down, or quitting is not an option. turning back would be too detrimental. so you have to keep going because deep down in side you know that if you quit, things are going to be worse off then if you keep going. 

 so you should keep going, no matter what.

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